How to Save Money and Get More Wear Out Of Your Brakes

Your brakes are the single most important safety feature on your vehicle and it’s important that they are inspected on a regular basis.  To understand how to ensure good brake maintenance we should first take a look at why brakes wear out or fail in the first Helwig Auto Clinicplace.

Kill Your Speed and Save Your Brakes

Speed is the evil nemesis of your brakes.  Driving faster than you need to can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your brakes in the form of dissipated energy.  Here comes the science bit!  When a car is travelling, it is using kinetic energy.  Kinetic energy is calculated by multiplying the weight of your vehicle by the square of the speed it is travelling at.

When you bring your vehicle to a halt, brakes sacrifice some of their life (brake material) by turning that energy into heat.  The faster you travel, the more heat your brakes will expel and the more the material will wear away.  The term ‘burn rubber’ means exactly that!  By travelling just 10 miles per hour slower, you could lengthen the life of your brakes significantly.

Only Brake When You Need To – Be a Coaster

This might seem like a no-brainer, but so many people have their foot on the pedal when they don’t need to brake at all.  These we call the brake tappers.  These are the people who drive a little faster, then brake, drive a little faster and then brake again.  These are also the people who will find they need to arrange brake repairs and brake maintenance more often.  Then we have the coasters.  These are the people who allow their vehicle to coast down to a lower speed before needing to press the brake pedal.  And these are the people whose brakes will last a lot longer.  See how it works?

Look and Plan Ahead

The more you can preempt a stop ahead the more you can do to prolong the life of your brakes.  By looking as far ahead as possible you will be able to stop in a controlled manner at stop lights and other hazards on the road.  Remember, when you come to a stop from a higher speed this puts more pressure on your brakes causing them to need replacement sooner rather than later.

At Helwig Auto Clinic we can give you advice and assistance on any type of brake maintenance.  We offer some of the best automobile repair services in the Mount Horeb, Madison and Dane County regions.  If you are looking for an auto repair company that can give you expert advice on all aspects of brake repairs, you have found us.    We can arrange your brake check now and ensure that they give you miles of reliable performance.  You can also join our mailing list to keep up to date with our latest discounts and news.

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  1. Nice post Steve, you pointed out right that speed is the biggest evil for the brakes.

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