How a Car Tune Up Can Dramatically Improve Performance

When was the last time you arranged a car tune up for your vehicle?  If you can’t remember, then it’s definitely time you considered making a tune up appointment with Helwig Auto Clinic your local vehicle repair shop.

Arranging a regular engine tune up will ensure that your vehicle is operating at peak performance and that emissions are kept as low as possible.

Filters, spark plugs and exhaust components are some of the key areas checked during an engine tune up along with routine testing of the ignition system and the carburetor.  You may not notice a problem with these components until it is too late and you are stuck on the shoulder of the highway!  Better to arrange your auto tune up now to avoid this happening.

Modern Vehicles Need a Tune-Up Too

Calibration takes up much of the auto tune up process especially with older vehicles using more traditional parts.  Modern vehicles automatically calibrate a large proportion of their settings such as idle speed, carburetor balance, and ignition timing, but even the newest vehicles can benefit from a regular engine tune up.

If you have noticed your vehicle’s performance has slowed recently or that it doesn’t start up as quickly as it once did, an auto tune up could improve response times considerably.  Very often just one small component can cause a delay in the engine starting or a problem when the engine is idling.  By booking your vehicle in for an engine tune up, you can ensure that all components affecting ignition, idle speed and a whole host of other functions are checked and improved where necessary.

Whether you are looking for a tune up for your car, SUV, truck or hybrid vehicle, it makes sense to choose a vehicle repair shop with years of experience.

Arranging a Quality Tune Up Could Not Be Easier

Book your annual tune up today.  If your vehicle covers a lot of miles each year you might want to consider a bi-annual tune up.  Not only will a regular auto tune up ensure that your vehicle is operating at its best but it can also prolong the life of your car and give you the best returns should you want to sell your vehicle in the future. A modern day tune up will also take into consideration any onboard computer systems you have in place ensuring that these are working optimally for your vehicle.

It’s easy to arrange an appointment online for a complete tune up for your truck, car, or any other vehicle you drive.  Whether you are looking for spark plugs to be replaced or calibration of idle speeds or ignition timings, your car tune up service will cover all of that.

Get in touch with your local repair shop in Dane County, Mouth Horeb, Madison or South-Central Wisconsin today for more information and to arrange a convenient appointment.  To keep up to date with the latest discounts and information you can also join their mailing list.

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